Get the Facts About The Social Security Program

567 Ways to Claim Social Security

Social Security

If you’ve searched the internet looking for information about Social Security retirement benefits, you’ve probably come across a website or two that claims there are “567 ways to claim Social Security benefits”. Is this true? Well, yes, it is true, sort of! In some cases, there are far fewer ways to claim your SS retirement […]

15 Facts about Social Security

It’s easy to take Social Security for granted when retirement is years away, but with 94% of the U.S. workforce covered by Social Security,* it’s likely that this program will play a role in your financial future, perhaps even sooner than you think. Here are some facts and statistics from the Social Security Administration that […]

Social Security Ages 62, 66, 70 – All Wrong!

social security ages

The three most common Social Security ages to trigger benefits are ages 62, 66, and 70. Age 62 because it is the earliest age at which someone becomes eligible for SS benefits, age 66 because it is considered full retirement age for most people, and age 70 because it is the maximum age at which to […]

Have you considered a ToSSMAX™ analysis of your retirement income?


If you are serious about maximizing your retirement income without taking unnecessary risks, you need to consider a ToSSMAX™ analysis. When it comes time to look at the list of income sources available to you in retirement, chances are Social Security is going to be on that list. It might even be at the top […]

Are you getting the most out of your Social Security benefits?

Getting the most out of your Social Security benefits

If you are close to retirement, now is the time to take a good hard look at your Social Security benefits. Your goal should be to get the most you can out of the program over the course of your retirement years, while at the same time balancing the need for retirement income in the […]

Watch out for Social Security scams

Watch out for Social Security scams

There’s a story out of WPTV in Florida about a new scam that has affected 2,400 Social Security recieients around the country. Here’s a link to the video: This news report is a good reminder that we should all be hyper vigilant about protecting our private information. It appears that this scam relies on the […]

New Reports Show Challenging Financial Outlook Continues for Social Security and Medicare


Every year, the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds release reports to Congress on the current financial condition and projected financial outlook of these programs. This year’s reports, released on May 31, 2013, show that both programs face urgent financial challenges that should be addressed as soon as possible. Why are Social […]